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We are a small team with a big mission: to Unite the World through Holidays

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+ What is a fully functional online media site that features Holiday and Calendar information, stories, dates, fun stuff, storytelling, and more. We are a place to share holiday experiences, holiday stories, holiday moments. We’re more than a website or online calendar — we’re a movement. We are growing a community of people who want to explore, discover and celebrate together, learning from each other and growing in understanding and unity.

+ Why

Because right now, the world needs reasons to unite and come together in celebration. Opening up conversations about different cultures, different religious holidays, different country celebrations, creates a community of people who can find ways to connect. Our community is growing and we want you to be a part of it.

+ You

We started our fundraiser because we need a community in order to grow and to unite positively through holiday celebrations. With zero fundraising or advertising budget, we’ve earned impressive pageviews, domain authority, and built a massive amount of online content. Our community is active, supportive and troll-free. And we have done all of this while we work full-time jobs and self-funding the website. We believe that our progress is contingent on your support, and we need your help to move this mission forward.

+ Funds

We use your funds to move our mission forward.

Quality Content: We understand that we’re only as powerful as our stories and would like to be able pay our featured contributors for their work. We aim to be the most credible source online for holiday information where our community can find the information they seek. Some notable content includes stories of holiday spirit uniting people across cultures.

Upgrading User Experience: Our goal is to not only to provide you the best holiday content possible, but to make it the best experience possible. We’ve been in the trenches building the website and our calendar and are continuing to make it easier to discover and engage, enjoy and share, and explore the world of cultures and holidays and bring content that inspires you in a format that is easy to navigate and connect.

Our Calendar: We already have the most innovative daily fun & awareness calendar that lets our visitors search daily holidays by topic, such as food, animals & pets, fandom, earth, and so much more. We are looking to improve our calendar with integrations to googlecal and ical and to make it easy for our users to add the holidays that they care about to their own calendars.

Our Podcast: We have completed our first year of our daily holiday podcast where we share the daily fun and awareness holidays each day. We are looking to take our podcast to the next level with a co-host and guest hosts to talk about the days holidays, how to integrate them into your social media each day, fun ideas to celebrate, and share more information and tid-bits to give our community fun things to talk about and share in their daily lives.

Tech Maintenance Fees: Keeping a website active and updated isn’t cheap. We need your help to expand while preserving our existing content. As we are growing, our server fees are increasing, our developer maintenance fees are increasing, and our upkeep is increasing. In order to keep it going, we need your help.

+ Us

We are a mom & daughter team. Patti (mom) has been developing websites for 20 years. She designed and manages the website, works with the team of writers, marketers, interns, designers and developers. Patti’s vision has always been to bring integrity to the web by sharing credible information and making is visually appealing, informative and fun. She has implemented daily fun holiday creation for businesses and has created some trending daily fun holidays that people love to celebrate.

Cortney (daughter) is the senior editor and inspiration behind our mission to unite the world through holidays. Cortney has a love of diverse cultures and sharing what makes each culture special, particularly in the way they celebrate the holidays. Her expertise in writing, content management, humanities and cultures makes her a valuable part of the team.

Together we hope to be an inspiration for change and unity. Learn more About Us and Our Mission

+ Why we are not on Kickstarter

We do not want to limit our community to just a one-time event. Holidays happen year-round, our community is active year-round, and our mission needs support year-round. We also don’t believe in turning away new community contributors and members if we don’t reach a specified goal. We want to be available for all. Join our mission, connect with us and contribute. 

+ Rewards

We appreciate your contributions and offer rewards for your level of commitment. Each level recieves the previous levels rewards. 

Holiday Fan: $5/month = Members Newsletter

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Holiday Devotee: $50/month = Semi-Annual Holiday Surprize Gift

Holiday Visionary: $100/month = Voting Board Member for Daily Fun & Awareness Holidays. 

+ Love

We are real people just like you and we believe that in supporting each other, we become stronger. We share the love and connect with you and welcome you into our community. 

Contribute to our Mission and help us promote positivity, unity, love and understanding across the globe


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Our goal is to connect people through positive experiences, passions and understanding. Join our growing community and help us unite with each other and promote more love in the world.

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