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We are on a mission to Unite the World through Holidays

Our goal is to create positive awareness and love of cultures across the globe by sharing the stories of fun and interesting ways people celebrate holidays. Holidays Unite People and we want to encourage people to connect in a positive way by exploring different cultures, discovering their traditions, and celebrating with them. HolidaySmart also features daily fun days that unite people in creative ways, noteworthy days that celebrate a something noteworthy in our society, and awareness days that raise awareness for a cause. 

Please help us continue our mission by contributing to our efforts

When you contribute to our mission, we share the love for your cause, charity or organization with a promo ad or link on the pages you are sponsoring. 

Sponsor a Holiday Observance

Sponsor your favorite holiday and support our mission as we build content relating to the holiday across the globe in an effort to raise awareness, showcase cultures and the various ways people celebrate.

Sponsor a Country

Sponsor a country and the traditions and holidays the local people celebrate to spread love and awareness for the culture. 

Sponsor our Calendar

We are on a mission to build a better calendar experience featuring daily fun and awareness days, sortable by topics, along with global holidays and events, with iCal and google cal integration.

Support Our Mission to Unite the World through Holidays

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How your funds are allocated:

  • When you sponsor a holiday or country, 50% of your funds are allocated to direct marketing of the holiday pages you are sponsoring to spread awareness and bring more people together through holidays.
  • The remaining 50% funds fun and creative content, articles and stories relating to your sponsored holiday/country worldwide to grow a connection globally.
  • When you sponsor our calendar, 100% of the funds are allocated to development of our calendar.

What we do for you:

  • We love our sponsors and show our appreciation!
  • When you contribute to our mission and sponsor a page, we feature your charity, cause, organization or message on the holiday pages in a collaboration to help you spread the word about what’s important to you.
  • + Be Our Guest at our next Annual Holiday party
  • Let us designate a daily holiday for you, your organization or cause and we will come to your location to announce the day and celebrate with you.

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Join our mission to Unite the World through Holidays and Celebrations. 

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